The RSH UK recognizes and regulates the professional standards of its members by virtue of membership/fellowship. The full and fellow members undergo examination before awarding the membership. This enables a competitive and learning environment and help us to adhere to our standards of elite memberships. 

General Steps

The general steps for obtaining membership are as follows:

  1. Apply for membership according to your eligibility i.e. student, full or fellow*.
  2. Once you apply you shall be notified a date of online examination (usually in the last week of every month). Please note that a non-refundable examination fee is applicable for full and fellow members. See membership details below.
  3. The members who clear the online exam shall be notified via email (usually by second week of the subsequent month of online examination).
  4. Pay the requisite membership fee by Bank transfer, Cheque or Online.
  5. The permanent membership number and other details shall be sent to you via email immediately.
  6. Printed certificate and membership card shall be sent to you via post (usually within 2 months from the date of result of online examination).

Clinical Internship

For full members, we provide a clinical Internship of 3 weeks at following locations*
  • Homeopathy Health Clinic, Hounslow, London, England.
  • Bakson Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Greater Noida, UP, India.

The aim of this clinical internship is to provide a clinical exposure to our members at International level. The internship and accommodation shall be provided for free, but a member has to bear the travel and visa formalities on his/her own. 

General Benefits

Apart from the wide range of benefits (as mentioned separately under each membership below), we provide the following benefits to all our members:

  • Free access to three webinars of their choice in a year, and 50% discount on all other paid webinars. 
  • Clinical group discussion and access to our limited social media networks.
  • Discounted rates for our national as well as international events.
  • Chance for volunteering in CMEs, seminars, conferences, workshops etc. 
  • Help in setting up clinics.
  • Better job opportunities.

Insurance Benefits (For UK resident members only)

The RSH UK members are eligible to opt for Affinity Insurance scheme from Balens Limited, Specialist Insurance Brokers to Health & Wellbeing Practitioners & Organisations. This Indemnity Insurance protects your clinical practice in UK. For more information, you may contact us at 

Special Discount: You may write to us at for availing special discounts. We encourage group registration from fellow associations.

There are three main categories of membership as follows:

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