1. Introduction

Homoeopathy for Healthy Living – An Extensive, Online, Four Months Certificate Course in Basic Homeo

Homoeopathic system of medicine was originally discovered and developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. Homoeopathic remedies are derived from almost every source, be it plants, minerals, compounds, animals, energy medicine etc., and undergo a process called potentization (succussion and trituration). Through this process the medicinal substance is serially diluted at each step and energized as per homoeopathic principles.

Homoeopathy involves treating an individual holistically, keeping in view every sign, symptom, and deviation from the state of health. Homoeopathic remedies are dispensed in the form of a liquid, liquid impregnated globules/diskettes/sugar of milk, ointments, gels etc. The potentized medicines aim to trigger the body’s natural system of healing by raising immunity. The treatment may be “individualized”, “specific” or “clinical” i.e. tailored according to person and disease with which a person is suffering.

Homoeopathy as an alternative system of medicine is gaining popularity due to its clinical efficacy, and scientific basis. World Health Organization recognizes it as the second largest alternative system of medicine in the world. It is officially recognized in healthcare systems of many countries. It is currently practiced in over 80 countries, and has legal recognition as an individual system of medicine in 42 countries and is recognized as a part of complementary and alternative medicine in 28 countries.

An extensive research has been undertaken in this system of medicine ranging from observational studies to randomized controlled trials and fundamental research. Use of homeopathy has also been established in other areas like veterinary, agronomy and dentistry.

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The Registration Society of invites you to undertake the 04 months extensive course of basic knowledge in homoeopathy.

  • Course developed and delivered by Expert Homeopathic Professionals
  • Aim to provide a clear picture of homoeopathic system of medicines, its approach, utility and limitations.
  • A perfect course to get started your basics in Homoeopathy
  • Online Course
  • Optional clinical exposure under guidance of experts only.
  • Free Homoeopathic Starter Kit with Course.

2. Course Content

  • What is homoeopathy: General consideration and principles
  • Biochemic system of medicine: General consideration and principles
  • Definition of Health and Disease
  • Short history of Hahnemann: The Founder of Homoeopathy
  • Preparation of homoeopathic medicines
  • The dose concept in homoeopathy
  • Storage of homeopathic and biochemic medicines.
  • Case taking at home
  • When to seek medical advice?
  • Referral: Is it always necessary?
  • Homeopathic and Biochemic Kit – Guide to Acute Prescribing
  • Key indications of most common homeopathic remedies in starter Kit

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