Preceding Status of Homeopathy in Medical Science

  October 4, 2016    Admin

Recently, a lot of growth has been concluded in the field of homeopathy. Records has it, that there are over 2 lakh registered homeopathies in the country and approximately thousands are added every year. The size of homeopathy drugs too is increasing at a very fast rate in the market. So, what is it that is fueling the growth of homeopathy?

There is nothing changed from over the years about homeopathy, not even those little sugar-coated pills that we tend to sneakingly have in our childhood and that most people though would be least effective in treating the serious problems like eczema and many others. Yet, there is a perceivable increase in the popularity of Homeopathy.

Well, if you too are looking for the reasons for why there is preceding demand of homeopathy over other leading medical treatments then you would be pleased to know that it is due to the progressive efforts made by regulation of standards of homeopathic education and registration of practitioners.

Today, it is just because of the regulation that there is better understanding of homeopathy methodology among physicians and credibility among masses. Not just that, educational regulation with the view to improve the status of homeopathy have made the process more simple. This is why today we have better practitioners and effective treatments in homeopathy.

Other reasons are –

Homeopathy is capable of treating acute as well as the most chronic diseases that sometimes allopathy cannot. Also, it serves to be the gentler among other medicine types with no side effects leading to a lot of people turning towards it.

Homeopathy serves as a natural form of treatment that works through stimulating body’s own immune system to fight against the disease.

It follows cardinal philosophy where patients already feel better after discussing their condition with a homeopath. Homeopathy believe that an individual is a whole one identity and should be treated in same manner.

Earlier, it was Mahatma Gandhi who recognized the effectiveness of homeopathy and termed it as one of the most safest, economical and a complete system of medical science. Now, after long years of not given proper recognition people has finally started rediscovering the magic of those tiny little white pills that are pure miraculous in Homeopathy.

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