First Ever Homoeopathic Camps in London by RSH UK

Homoeopathy is being targeted to a large extent globally, including the United Kingdom, as evident from the campaigns flashed against homoeopathy from time to time. There has been an urgent need to strengthen the homoeopathy as a public health system and to make it more popular amongst the general public. It is the high time when we must act to preserve the sanctity of homoeopathy.

The Registration Society of Homoeopathy, UK (RSH UK), a not-for-profit, registered, international organisation is committed to promote and support homoeopathy through various channels. Under this initiative, RSH UK organised for the first time ever, two free homoeopathic camps in London, the heart of United Kingdom.

The camps organised on 4th and 11th December 2016 in association with the Homoeopathy Health Clinic, Hounslow received an appreciable response. A total of 350 patients were seen at these camps and were given consultation and homoeopathic medicines. These camps also promoted the need for holistic health. Consultation for bone health, rheumatism, allergic disorders, diet, exercise, lifestyle and benefits of homoeopathy were given to all patients. A team of UK homoeopathic professionals from the UK and Dr Sandeep Kaila & Dr Saurav Arora from India supported the camp by providing their valuable time and expert opinion.

The camps received a welcome note from public as well as various authorities as evident from the responses received so far. Various other organisations, representatives have come forward to collaborate with RSH UK for the conduction of similar camps in the near future.

RSH UK shall be conducting such camps in the vicinity of London and around so that the benefits of homoeopathy may be provided to the general public at large. You may also come and support various initiatives of RSH UK at or write to us at

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